New Capital Wins the Best Quant Awards 2021| News
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On June 7, 2021, the winners of Best Quant Awards 2021, organized by the Best Quant Awards, were finally announced after an intense voting campaign.


The Best Quant Awards is an independent provider of business intelligence and insight focused on quantitative investment leadership. Founded in 2019, it provides quantitative investment institutions with content, activity and performance data and investor data. The Best Quant Awards has been held for three consecutive years. For more information, please visit


The Best Quantitative Strategy Award is a new award for the organizing committee this year. It recognizes a new strategy that has performed exceptionally well in terms of returns over the past year. The winning strategy is an event-driven strategy developed by New Capital’s strategy team. The strategy is the only one in the world and the first to invest in SPAC with an event-driven quantitative strategy that has generated a cumulative return of 135% over the past year.

New Capital, founded in 2015, is an asset management firm engaged in real estate investment, quantitative strategy incubation and development, and SPAC investment.


New Capital incubates outperforming strategies with a VC investment philosophy, providing data, algorithms and technical support to strategy developers, enabling outperforming strategies to be produced in an industrial assembly line fashion. The strategy team is composed of data algorithm scientists, artificial intelligence technology talents and investment talents in the financial sector. Under such a strategy development system, the production of outperforming strategies no longer relies on a single talent, but on the entire strategy development system.


In addition, the self-developed Eagle Eye system provides New Capital with the ability to acquire and analyze massive amounts of data. The system monitors global capital markets in real time to find the best arbitrage markets.